TA’OR BOX shows its strengths at ZOW

An industrially produced wooden drawer, which is just as good (and perhaps even better) than a traditionally manufactured one. In short: can a product that has existed for decades be reinvented? That was the starting point for the innovative TA’OR BOX. We like to prove that this is possible with every box system we produce. At ZOW, we are keen to help visitors discover the latest opportunities and innovations.

Endless possibilities
With its pioneering design and processing, TA’OR BOX creates entirely new design possibilities: the drawer is available with finishes in different types of veneer wood or wood decor. This unique system makes it possible to combine all colours and materials, both on the inside and outside, to your heart's content. In addition, all combinations are available from 1 unit and up. Everything is handled by the ultra-modern machines at the factory in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium).

The result of the highly accurate production process is a wooden drawer which stands out due to its straight lines: clear-cut edges, sleek side panels, a width of only 13 mm and all components cut accurately to within 1/100 mm.

Superb technology
The fronts are all secured and the connections are made without the need for tools, with patented components from the Austrian firm Blum. All drawers run exclusively on the MOVENTO runner system from the hardware manufacturer, which has already proven its class and outstanding technology millions of times over.

The perfect addition
The Orgalux inner dividing systems are the perfect addition to every TA’OR BOX drawer. They offer users a wide range of opportunities with different functionality and in various styles. At ZOW, we are delighted to present a new and pioneering method which allows you to quickly and easily find the perfect inner dividing system.

This is facilitated by the fact that we attach a sticker with a unique code to every one of our pre-mounted box systems. By scanning the code with the Orgalux app, we immediately know all the details relating to the box system (colour, dimensions, …). After just a few short questions, we know exactly in which room the box system is installed and what will be stored in it.

On the basis of all this information, the customer receives three very specific suggestions from our selection of over 9000 solutions. A quick and easy way for end consumers to find their ‘perfect fit’.

TA’OR BOX is a unique box system for wooden drawers, which combines elegance with high-end technology. An innovative product that pleasantly surprises and wins over customers at first sight!

04/02 - 6/02 2020
Booth B-025

Messeplatz 1
D-50679 Köln


  • Freedom. On the inside as well as the outside.
  • Ultra modern manufacturing
  • Maximum flexibility