Van Hoecke is crowned Factory of the Future once again!

During the ‘Factory of the Future Awards 2019’ ceremony, Van Hoecke was once again honoured with this wonderful award. Three years after the first award, this re-certification now recognises the efforts we have made in recent years to continue innovating with regard to processes, technology and people.

It was a milestone when our company received the certificate in 2016, in acknowledgement of the transformations made and as confirmation of our future focus. However, we never saw it as a final destination. Indeed, it was the beginning of a development process that will never stop. This re-certification is a guarantee that we remain relevant in our future focus and that we have the flexibility to enrich our production process with evolving technologies.

After all, we are constantly looking to optimise our processes. Not only with regard to the quality of the final product, but also in terms of our employees, the environment and customer expectations.

  • Freedom. On the inside as well as the outside.
  • Ultra modern manufacturing
  • Maximum flexibility