TA'OR BOX @ Biënnale 2016

Biënnale Interieur 2016: Van Hoecke develops concept drawer that combines functionality with design.

In The Circus at Biënnale Interieur 2016, Van Hoecke showed a concept drawer that made everyone look differently to this essential tool. A world without drawers would always look disorganized, but how could we give a tray that something extra? At Biënnale, we presented two brand new concept ideas developed by Enthoven Associates.

Storage is an art

How can drawers in their original form still be appealing? In order to find an answer a team of design specialists collaborated with product developers from Enthoven Associates. The result of this collaboration was shown in premiere at Biënnale Interieur 2016. Together, the design specialists and product designers integrated TA'OR BOX, a self-developed drawer and a real success story for Van Hoecke, in a stylish vide-poche: the typical box at the front door where you can easily store your car keys, wallet, hair clips and letters when you come home. This concept was fitted with a steel frame, an integrated TA’OR drawer and the possibility to add a flower pot thus transforming a practical drawer into a design object.

In addition, Van Hoecke also showed an ingenious coffee unit, fitted with a modular frame and several drawers, that is both practical and emphasizes the enjoyment of making fresh coffee.


Both concepts can be seen as the concept car of a large car manufacturer. Biënnale Interieur is the ultimate event to gather feedback from both the end consumer and professionals alike. This co-creating allowed the R & D cell of Van Hoecke to assess if it is interesting to further develop these concepts.

Below are some impressions of our booth!

  • Libertà. All'esterno e all’interno.
  • Produzione ultramoderna
  • Massima flessibilità