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Welcome to our video-Blog! 

Here you will find the latest visual updates on our TA'OR BOX concept. Enjoy our revolutionary journey!



Discover how our TA'OR BOX is assembled and prepared for transport within 48 hours. Endless possibilities, starting from a single unit!


To guarantee the high quality of TA’OR BOX, we carefully plan each step in our production process. An effort for which we received the TÜV certificate. 


TA’OR BOX is a wooden box system, so shipping overseas is definitely a challenge. Find out how we shipped 2500 boxes to Israel!

TA'OR BOX - Revolutionary Partnerships

TA’OR BOX is the perfect addition to the portfolio of our sales partners: offering more possibilities, high convenience & less effort.

TA’OR BOX – Revolutionary Company

For almost 50 years, we are known for our quality products. However, our employees are the very heart of our company. They give our products the recognition which they deserve and provide exceptional services for our clients.


TA’OR BOX offers a range of inspiring colors and materials. The endless diversity gives fascinating possibilities for many creative ideas. 

TA'OR BOX - Revolutionary Efficiency

Revolutionairy efficiency
Our TA'OR BOX production plant needed to be as flexible as the product. All steps in the production process were considered and re-considered. Discover how we did it!

TA'OR BOX-Revolutionary Quality

TA'OR BOX is an industrially manufactered wooden box that sets new standards. Uncompromising quality is a matter of attitude.

TA'OR BOX- Revolutionary Crafting

The individual TA'OR BOX components can be assembled in less than one minute. A revolutionary concept and a ground-breaking processing solution.

TA'OR BOX- Revolutionary Concept

If we develop a product, our aim is not just to satisfy our customers. We want to inspire them, to surprise and impress them. TA’OR BOX is a completely new approach, the usual processes fundamentally changed.

TA'OR BOX - Revolutionary System

TA'OR BOX, discover a revolutionary drawer system, produced customised in maximum 48 hours, thanks to advanced technology.

  • Vrijheid buiten en binnen
  • Ultramoderne productie
  • Maximale flexibiliteit