Diversity enables freedom

9,350,000 options? Individual freedom of design combined with industrial manufacturing? At first glance that would be impossible to achieve. But because of its many colours, materials and sizes, TA'OR BOX offers no end of possibilities.

Dare to combine

Thanks to the unique construction of the side panel, new opportunities arise. A box system in pure black with a walnut interior or oak veneer with white. Thanks to the Bi-Colour technique we can endlessly combine colours to create unique box systems for equally unique living spaces.


Untreated oak is the latest variant in the TA'OR BOX family. This option gives you even more possibilities to completely customise the drawer so that it fits seamlessly into the furniture and with the rest of the interior. Let the drawers match the colour of the cupboard or simply add a personal touch by giving them a contrasting finish. The possibilities are endless!


TA'OR BOX is available in five different heights and in the usual nominal lengths from 250 to 750 mm. We manufacture any desired width between 250
and 1,200 mm, millimetre-perfect.

  • Freedom. On the inside as well as the outside.
  • Ultra modern manufacturing
  • Maximum flexibility