Everything in an unprecedented design: clear, slim, sharp.

Sustainably designed – industrially manufactured to the highest quality and precision.

TA‘OR BOX is ready to meet your customers' highest demands.

Tijdloos Design

Clear lines

With TA'OR BOX, your customers will get contemporary aesthetics down to the last detail. At barely 13mm thick, the side panels accentuate the minimalist design. The edges are treated with a special coating process that is barely visible and provides an extremely clean line.


New design language

TA‘OR BOX is the new interpretation of drawers as you know them. This is how they satisfy the desire for a contemporary, high-quality look in furniture construction. A leading alternative to enthuse your customers.

Design TA'OR BOX

Robust construction

TA'OR BOX's clever concept uses noble wood veneers and a dimensionally stable HDF core made from recycled materials.

TA'OR productie

High-precision, high-tech production

Surprise your most demanding customers with uncompromising precision. TA‘OR BOX is manufactured in ultramodern production plants with specific machines that we have developed ourselves. Processing is accurate to 3/100mm, which cannot be achieved with traditional manual labour.

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