Boundless variety


Thanks to the extensive TA‘OR BOX range, you can meet all your customers' specific requirements. That's not magic, just the unbeatable variety of TA‘OR BOX.

A wide selection of refined décors and striking A-quality veneers will match any customer's personality. Thanks to the unique Bi-Colour technology, various combinations are possible on the inside and outside. Discover our available colours below.

  • Sepia Oak veneer
    Sepia Oak Veneer
  • Black yaya veneer
    Black yaya veneer
  • natural birch veneer
    Natural Birch Veneer
  • Natural Oak Veneer
    Natural Oak Veneer
  • Natural walnut veneer
    Natural walnut veneer
  • TA'OR Onbehandelde Eik
    Untreated oak veneer
  • Soft black
    Soft black
  • Premium white
    Premium white
  • Onyx Grey
    Onyx Grey
  • Dakar
    Dakar Grey
  • Linen anthracite
    Linen Anthracite
  • ∞


TA‘OR BOX is available in five different heights and in the usual nominal lengths from 250 to 750mm. Any desired width between 250 and 1,468mm can be manufactured, millimetre-perfect.

Individuality has a price, but not with TA‘OR BOX. All variants are available from lot size 1. This way, they can be fitted into your production process with maximum flexibility.

Design - Orgalux

Smart inner dividing system

From the living room to the bedroom or from the bathroom to the kitchen, TA‘OR BOX is a good fit for any living space. Thanks to the smart drawer layouts, each drawer is state-of-the-art in terms of structure and storage options. It's child's play to find the perfect inner dividing system for your drawer using the NFC chip or the QR code.