Wood evokes positive emotions.

Wood is timeless.

Wood is also a valuable raw material.

We only use as much as we need!


For people like you and your customers, we have completely reinvented the wooden drawer.




For your unique furniture

TA‘OR BOX represents uncompromising quality and aesthetics behind furniture. Together, we create unique furniture, finished down to the smallest detail.

More design aspects
9,350,000 options? Individual design freedom with industrial production? At first glance, that would be impossible to achieve. But TA‘OR BOX's many colours, materials and sizes allow for an almost infinite variety.



That meets every customer requirement and does not overload your business.

Choose and combine high-quality veneers, colours and sizes and add stylish and functional drawer layouts. We will happily help you meet any customer requirements without overloading your own production.

Experience greater variety
Ordering is child's play, leaving you time for more important things.
The TA'OR BOX design tool allows you to configure your desired TA'OR BOX with ease and precision in seconds. We'll take care of the rest and, 48 hours later, your drawer will be ready for transport.

Simple selection

and ordering

Via the configurator

Use the online configurator to quickly and easily order your TA'OR BOX drawers. The wooden drawers are custom-made at our modern production facility and shipped after only 48 hours.

More ordering and logistical advantages
DIY or buy? If you buy in, you have more time for your core business. You don't have to invest in the storage of individual parts, purchase machines or set up expensive production either, and you're not responsibility for the quality. That reduces your fixed costs and leaves more room for your creative ideas and craftsmanship.

No risk,

maximum efficiency

Lower production costs

No storage, no production, no hassle, just easy front assembly and more time for your customer service

More about saving time & money

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to find out more about

this revolutionary box system?

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Our vision

Van Hoecke is a furniture industry partner. We are a modern company with a long tradition, known for our excellent quality and personal service.
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