TA'OR BOX linnen

Supremely hygienic and tested

Did you know that all the TA'OR BOX decor colours have an anti-bacterial surface? In practice, this means that bacteria and germs will be reduced by 99.9% within 24 hours. This makes them eminently suited to applications with particular hygiene standards!

In recent times, we're being confronted more and more often with the importance of hygienic living and working conditions – whether it be kitchens and bathrooms, or projects for retirement homes, schools, etc. TA'OR BOX's decor variants enable hygiene requirements to go hand in hand with contemporary design and workmanship.

Our supplier has had their board material tested in accordance with the internationally recognised testing method (ISO 22196 = JISZ 2801) for the evaluation of anti-bacterial activity. This showed that all our decors have achieved a ‘high’ score for effectiveness. What's more, they're certified by the independent, external Hohenstein Institute.