Following a number of other significant awards, TA’OR BOX is now also the proud owner of the prestigious TÜV certificate. This involved thorough testing and inspection of the product and process.


With this certificate, the independent inspection body TÜV recognises the consistent quality achieved in producing TA’OR BOX. In order to achieve this TÜV certificate, the quality of the product was first extensively tested in its laboratory. TÜV then carried out an audit to check whether the quality could be achieved repeatedly in the workplace in every box system supplied.


TÜV acts to certify and validate products that meet the required quality standards. It tests specific aspects of a product, depending on the product and regulations. TA’OR BOX passed all tests with flying colours and therefore TÜV awarded us the ‘LGA tested’ certificate. This certificate gives customers and users a quality guarantee and gives them confidence that the product can be used safely.


It obviously doesn't end here now that we have the certificate. In order to keep it, there will be a new audit each year, conducted by TÜV Rheinland. We will also continue to carry out regular inspections internally to ensure that quality levels are maintained and to check that all the relevant procedures are being adhered to.


The fact that our TA’OR BOX is the only wooden box system with this certificate makes us extremely proud. As wood is ‘alive’ delivering a constant standard is even more of a challenge. We received the certificate for the Box system, more specifically for the drawer and runner system In this way we can combine the common strengths of TA’OR and Blum's certified runner systems.