An overall impression is made by the sum of the details. If the joint pattern is as good as seamless, then a piece of furniture looks well-made, stylish and solid. TA'OR BOX helps you achieve that precision with a wooden drawer! As of today, every TA'OR BOX features a unique height adjustment! This allows you to change the position of the front in relation to the side walls and create a perfect joint appearance!

TA'OR BOX hoogteverstelling

Integrated height adjustment

The innovative mechanism is built directly into the drawer side wall, so that the design is respected. Using a TORX screwdriver available in shop, you can infinitely shift the drawer front both upwards and downwards by 2.5 mm. 

The MOVENTO coupling also receives an additional adapter to make installation even easier. This joined unit is simply inserted into the pre-milled box base and then the front is snapped on, without drilling or screws.

More info on height adjustment and how to use them can be found here.